Product Brokers
As Product Brokers, A Virtual Match works as independent agents who act on behalf of a manufacturer in selling and marketing the Manufacturer’s Products. We represent the most cost-efficient method of doing business.We can help manufacturers to coordinate sales nationwide as well as managing the warehousing and ensuring an efficient running of their sales.Product brokers work on commission, and as variable cost, the fees can be added to the cost of the goods. A Virtual Match has close relationships with the accounts with which they do business. We understand the needs and goals of their accounts and build their sales programs around them.

Market Research
A Virtual Match specializes in a wide range of market research activities all of which can be customized based on your needs. Effective market research can determine the need for your service, a product’s likelihood to sell, target-market demographics, and desirable store locations.We specialize in qualitative, quantitative, and usability studies. Click through to learn more about our market research techniques.

Club Road Show Management
Roadshows are a phenomenal way for product manufacturers to sell their products to a diverse clientele. Club members know that roadshows are time-based and there is a higher purchase power. Roadshows have a number of moving parts that can be overwhelming. A Virtual Match will work with your marketing team to design a booth, work with your logistics department to manage shipping and receiving, work with your human resources department and provide and train staff, and work with your production department for daily management of the show.

Product Innovation Research
Thinking you have a great product concept is one thing. Validating whether consumers are willing to buy your product or not is quite another. At A Virtual Match, we can evaluate the current product landscape for your idea and the buying practices of prospective consumers. Designing a new product raises a host of questions that need to be addressed quickly, including: How likely are consumers to purchase your product? What differentiates your product from competitors? What is your product’s optimal price point? Click through to learn more about our new product innovation research.

Product Planning
A Virtual Match’s Product Planning Roadmap defines and details the steps to define, develop, and produce your product including features/flavors and their approximate delivery dates. Click through to learn more about our product planning roadmap.

Product/Recipe Development
Recipes designed to your specifications (allergy-friendly, minimalist, child-friendly, etc). Recipes optimized for mid- to large-scale manufacturing.

Presentation and Pitching
A Virtual Match helps companies develop presentations, whether it is a pitch deck for investors, pitch decks for potential buyers, or private placement memorandums for raising funds privately. Pitch decks are one-sided conversations between you and your audience whereby you anticipate their questions and have most, if not all questions answered within a 10 – 15 slide presentation lasting 10 – 15 minutes. A Virtual Match tailors your presentation to the client, whether it is for a potential roadshow in Costco, a shelf item at Sam’s Club, a product launch into Safeway, or to an investor. A strategically branded presentation highlights business readiness and position speaks to the audience to which it is tailored and towards a specific request that shows that you have a compelling solution for your market.

Process Improvement
A Virtual Match provides operations and process improvement consulting which helps clients solve complex strategic and operational problems, from diagnosis through implementation and beyond. Click through to learn more about our process improvement consultation.

Logistics Improvement
A Virtual Match’s works with you to optimize your supply chain to enable you to deliver efficiency improvements and the ability to consistently meet uninterrupted demand.We work with business and operational teams to clarify your operational objectives, reveal the root causes of your supply chain challenges, measure your operational performance, and help you move forward with a specific plan to improve your system or make a foundational shift in your approach. Product Placement Special Event Management Project Management Sales Improvement New Markets