Process Improvement

Weak business processes waste time and money, and almost always have a negative impact on product or service quality. Business processes cut across organizational and functional boundaries. Effective business process analysis and improvement is best accomplished through the involvement of cross-functional teams of individuals who work in the system and know the intricacies of each department. An Impact Analysis is used to determine the potential bottom line impact in revenue and profitability increases. Based on the analysis an Assessment is made. This analysis is usually performed over several days during which key functional areas for improvement are identified. In addition, recommendations for improvement are developed and areas for improvement are prioritized. A Virtual Match’s process improvement program consists of the following:

1. Identify what’s important to the customer and the business
2. Identify associated critical business processes
3. Prioritize key processes
4. Distinguish clearly between how you think a given process works and how it actually works in “real world” operations
5. Analyze process for waste, inefficiencies, wait times, etc. Redesign and re-engineer the process to what you would like it to be

A report of the findings and recommendations from the first five steps is presented along with a Proposal detailing the findings and a discussion of implementation of the recommendations. Whether your company undertakes a complete or partial review of its key business processes, A Virtual Match facilitates transformative changes through techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, SCRUM, Agile, and other project management methodologies.