Product Innovation Research

A Virtual Match’s research process reduces uncertainty before you move into detailed design, engineering, and prototyping. A Virtual Match has a five step process in which we gather information from your target market and identify strategic product positioning.

Pricing Strategy
A pricing strategy is developed that outlines how your product aligns with market pricing and the price point consumers are willing to pay for an item with your specific functions.

Target Market
We design a human-centered research survey to zero in on your target market and extract purchase motivations.

Buyer Persona
Target buyers are given a brief overall description of the product to gauge initial purchase intent.

Product Evaluation
Using survey results, we analyze your competitors to discover your product’s advantages. We determine consumer preferences and reveal potential strengths and weaknesses of your refined concept.

Concept Validation
Understanding consumer feedback helps us measure product interest, adapt the product to user preferences and identify the best packaging designs. Final packaging goes through an additional round of consumer research to ensure previous analysis is correct and the product is ready for market.